Building futuristic homes

Building futuristic homes

Worried about the poor air quality inside your homes that adds to your overall health risk? You perhaps need a robust and efficient ventilation system that sucks in the fresh air from outside and brings it into your house.

Or in other words, your house needs to become smarter in the way it ‘breathes’ and allows you to breathe.

Here you may well take a look at the offerings from Bluthern, which brings state-of-the-art German-engineered Helios ventilation systems. Now, these ventilation systems enhance Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through their efficient and balanced ventilation techniques.

What it comprises is, firstly Helios- ZEB (Central Ventilation Box)  — a compact central ventilation system for energy-saving applications in residential and commercial buildings. It can be used to achieve proper ventilation in multiple rooms in commercial or residential buildings.

Its robust casing is made from impact-resistant polymer, light grey in colour. The three intake spigots and the one discharge spigot are designed for ducting sizes 100 and 125 mm. One intake spigot is designed for ducting sizes 100, 125, and 160 mm.

Its Low-noise centrifugal impeller is made from steel in an aerodynamically optimized spiral. Inlet via bell mouth. Totally enclosed, the ball bearing mounted external rotor motor is protected to IP 44, with humidity protection, insulation class B, for permanent operation, maintenance-free, and interference-free.

Now, the Helios KWL ventilation system, which guarantees a feel-good climate around you, introduces fresh outdoor air into the house at the same rate that indoor air is exhausted out from the house. The heat recovery core mechanism allows energy/heat to be transferred from incoming to outgoing air or vice-versa in order to maintain the room temperature effectively.

How does it work?

It extracts indoor air that has humidity, toxins, and other odours from the kitchen, bathrooms, and toilets via valves and passes them through the heat exchanger in the ventilation unit.

The outside fresh air, which absorbs the heat energy from the extracted air, with a tested efficiency of up to 90 %, flows through this and is hermetically separated at the same time.

This process can be optimized by connecting a ground heat exchanger. The air then flows through supply air valves or air inlets into the living rooms and bedrooms and creates a healthy and comfortable climate around the clock.

Transfer elements ensure air circulation within the property. The exhaust air is released outside by passing through a roof or wall outlet.






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