Now co-working space for doctors to help them establish private medical practice

Now co-working space for doctors to help them establish private medical practice

When start-up entrepreneurs and small-scale sector service owners can share working spaces, why not doctors and medical service providers? After all they too can share the establishment and equipment that an individual doctor finds difficult to set up as it becomes too costly for an individual to launch into solo practice.

This is why, coworking space within the healthcare sector has become an experiment that is striking roots in Delhi / NCR, and as a concept is picking up some momentum with doctors too catching onto this idea mooted by Aartas Clinishare, a clinic brand that set shop in Delhi some two years ago.

Under this, the doctors get to use everything they need for carrying out private practice – a fully equipped consultation room, waiting lounge, dedicated staff assistance, and paperless technology. The doctor pays by the hour for the services and space in prime locations giving them the flexibility to carry out practice in many locations.

The idea is to enable doctors to set up a parallel healthcare ecosystem where doctors can practice independently. Now, the company has some 100 clinics across Asia, where the company has woven technology into the fabric of clinics.

The coworking model is getting popular because of the cost-effectiveness it provides, and also the flexibility it gives to the doctors, said Ankur Sharma, co-founder Aratas Clinishare.

The benefit for the patients is in the form of access to multiple specialists under one roof. Now, this presents a win-win situation for the doctors and the patients alike, he said.

Technology-driven infrastructure and innovative coworking models aim to standardize the private practice market and enable doctors to establish independent practices in an atmosphere of trust and transparency.

Says doctor Ayush Sharma, this platform provides doctors with the tools and resources they need but also gives the patients a choice beyond the traditional hospital settings. The creation of a collaborative ecosystem that prioritizes patient-centered care and empowered doctors, has the potential to reshape the healthcare landscape, promote genuine doctor-patient relationships, and improve the overall healthcare experience.

For example, at a location in Delhi, 35 35 super-specialty doctors actively practice at this branch. A similar experience is being witnessed in Gurgaon as well. At a location in Delhi, the Clinishare has access to 10,000 square feet, with well-appointed doctors’ cabins, a waiting area, a doctor’s lounge, and a cafeteria.

For the present, the focus is on delivering exceptional outpatient services (OPD) and various daycare procedures. This comprehensive healthcare ensures that patients receive the necessary attention and treatments in a convenient and efficient manner.

For patients seeking medical care, Aartas CliniShare offers a diverse array of services. These include OPD consultations with specialized doctors spanning various medical disciplines. Our services extend to encompass a wide range of outpatient procedures.

We take a holistic approach to healthcare, recognizing the importance of allied branches and their contribution to overall well-being. As such, we proudly support and offer services in fields such as physiotherapy, psychology, and nutrition. These complementary services are integrated to ensure a comprehensive approach to patient care, addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of health, Dr Ankur Sharma, another co-founder said.

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