Underwater Ram Prana Pratishtha Marks Unique Celebration in Vizag on Ayodhya Ram Mandir Inauguration Day

Underwater Ram Prana Pratishtha Marks Unique Celebration in Vizag on Ayodhya Ram Mandir Inauguration Day

Ranita Ray

Marking a truly unprecedented event on the eve of the momentous Pran Pratishtha ceremony in Ayodhya, an underwater Ram Prana Pratishtha took place in Vizag’s Rushikonda beach on January 22, 2024, by Ocean Ambassadors. This one-of-a-kind feat, coinciding with the historic inauguration date of the grand Ayodhya Ram Mandir, served as a unique tribute to Lord Ram and offered a glimpse into the diverse ways India’s cultural milestones are celebrated.

Embarking on this novel ceremony, five divers led by ex-submariner, ocean explorer, and founder of Livein Adventures, Balaram Naidu, descended 22 feet below the ocean’s surface. Carrying a specially designed board bearing an idol of Lord Rama, they performed the Prana Pratishtha ritual underwater at Rushikonda Beach, Vizag, in alignment with fulfilling a 500-year-old dream for many Indians. Participants further embellished this underwater celebration by showering bubbles and flowers, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that beautifully blended tradition with innovation.

This unique initiative, however, faced its own set of challenges. We faced significant difficulty while erecting the Sriram hoarding underwater due to heavy drift. Strong underwater currents necessitated the divers to carry extra weight around their waist to ensure the stability of the Lord Rama hoarding. Yet, the team persevered, driven by their desire to showcase temple tourism integrated with scuba diving adventure tourism,” informed Balaram Naidu.

“The fusion of temple tourism and scuba diving adventure tourism has the potential to boost tourism in Vizag by offering a distinctive and immersive experience,” the team shared, expressing their hope that such initiatives would not only draw enthusiasts but also add to the overall appeal of the region.

Vizag’s underwater Ram Prana Pratishtha stands as a testament to the deep cultural roots of India and demonstrates how significant milestones can be observed in unconventional yet meaningful ways. It also highlights the potential of creative tourism initiatives to blend tradition with adventure, offering unique experiences for travelers seeking beyond the ordinary.


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