World’s leading business coaching firm debuts in Andhra Pradesh

World’s leading business coaching firm debuts in Andhra Pradesh

Ranita Ray

The Telugu states are on the fast track of a business boom; and adding impetus to this growth, ActionCOACH, the world’s leading business coaching organization, recently launched its operation in Andhra Pradesh.

Its primary objective is to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to flourish in today’s competitive economy. Taking off from the city of Vizag, it went on to mark its presence in Vijayawada and Guntur. The series of launch events in these three cities received an incredible reception and was attended by over 200 seasoned business owners. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana’s ActionCOACH regional partner and serial entrepreneur KVT Ramesh officiated and hosted the inaugural ceremony. The sessions’ attendees gained immense wisdom from the speakers’ insightful knowledge.

KVT set the tone for the event by engaging the audience to participate in polls, asking them to convey their main pain points in their businesses. As the session progressed, he took them through various ActionCOACH tools and strategies for business coaching. He highlighted the brand’s definition of business: “A commercial profitable enterprise that works without you.” This unique connotation amazed everyone and spurred excitement. By this, the coaching platform spotlights the importance of building the right team and creating a system. He further interpreted ActionCOACH’s six steps that work as a unified step-up for better business: mastery, niche, leverage, team, synergy, and result. The product ladder of the brand was explained elaborately, which includes six options such as 1:2:1, Action CLUB mentor/group coaching, Seminar- BusinessRICH, Growth Club, Planning Club (Startup), and Assessments Online.

The market gap

Satyam Garg, Executive Director of ActionCOACH for India and the Middle East region, was also present at the launch, adding value to events. Garg shared that mega corporates and organizations hiring coaches to train their leadership to become better leaders and get more productivity out of teams is a common scenario. However, the actual coaching requirement is for small and medium business owners trying to figure out everything themselves. They cannot afford those pricey consultancy firms to get the business knowledge, execute, and grow. They need handholding, guidance, and business education to scale and grow and that’s where ActionCOACH comes in.

While talking to Southonomix, echoing similar thoughts, KVT reflected on his past decades of observing the market dynamics worldwide during his travel to over 15 countries. Primarily, those were work trips, where he had to mentor business owners. “I am not exaggerating; I have noticed people struggling to build businesses. In most cases, it is due to lack of directions.” He also underscored that business coaching can’t be a one-time engagement. People tend to slip back into their old patterns when facing the same problems. It saddens him to watch businesses forced to shut shop despite the founders or CEOs having latent talent and passion. Such observations and incidences nudged him to extend extensive business coaching. His research led him to ActionCOACH, which has proven its mettle for the past three decades, benefiting countless entrepreneurs.

Tier-I and tier-II cities as the target audience

When asked why they chose Tier-II cities instead of their metropolitan counterparts, Satyam explained, “At ActionCOACH, our prime audience is small- and medium-sized business owners, which cover enterprises with turnovers between INR 5 crore to INR 100 crores. They have a restricted budget yet have the intent and vision to scale up. As a business coaching leader, we saw that market gap and asked ourselves, why not work with such businesses? Operational across 98 countries for the last 30 years, we’ve realized that the tier-I markets have these solutions available, but what about the aspirations in tier-II and tier-III cities? We can build and transform success stories here.”

How receptive are the business fraternity of the state to such mentoring? According to Ramesh, it is incredible, and the launch events vouched for it. Just an hour’s session of introducing this platform and how it can leverage businesses got them an overwhelming response from the home-grown mega brands of Vizag. Despite being business tycoons and successfully running them for generations, these individuals expressed the dire need for a hand-holding to upscale. Surprisingly, Guntur astonished the ActionCOACH team with its high-octane enthusiasm. Such signs mirror the massive void in business coaching, pointed out KVT.

Goal, mission & vision

As a seasoned entrepreneur and master business mentor, Ramesh asserts that every business must have a coach. Apart from one-to-one coaching, this platform also conducts seminars from which organizations can benefit hugely. To fructify his ambitious vision of transforming businesses across the state, KVT intends to build a robust team of more business coaches from different industries who can implement the coaching techniques of ActionCOACH.

But, has he set any targets? He answered, “The goal is to help at least 100 business owners across Andhra Pradesh this year alone.” It has a more profound impact. “Scaling up businesses, their successful operation and ensuing expansions will ultimately lead to boosting the state’s economy. That is the bigger picture I see with ActionCOACH achieving in the Telugu states,” stated KVT with convictions.

ActionCOACH was founded in 1993 in Australia by Bradley Sugars. Since its franchising began in 1997, it has contributed to mainstreaming business coaching. Currently, the company’s network of roughly 21,00 coaches in over 98 countries is helping around 30000 organizations achieve better outcomes every week. Coaching CEOs and their teams, in addition to small and medium-sized organizations, is its forte. After setting foot in Andhra Pradesh, ActionCOACH will be launched in Telangana shortly. Over the next five years, it plans to reach more than 25,000 enterprises with its revolutionary mentoring and coaching programs, fulfilling its mission to improve the regional business ecosystem.



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