Nenu Super Woman’s Second Week Sees Record-Breaking Rs. 1.65 Crore Investment from ANGEL

Nenu Super Woman’s Second Week Sees Record-Breaking Rs. 1.65 Crore Investment from ANGEL

Ranita Ray

Aspiring women entrepreneurs from the two Telugu states now have a robust platform to translate their dreams into reality. The first-of-its-kind trailblazing business show, Nenu Super Woman, continues to captivate viewers and entrepreneurs alike. After its spectacular debut, the second week of this show empowering women entrepreneurs is making waves with an astounding 1.65 crore investment from the ANGELS.

Nenu Super Woman, which premiers on aha, the popular streaming platform, witnessed unprecedented enthusiasm from investors and audiences alike during the first week. It garnered a whopping RS. 1.35 crores in investments for startup companies like Ammamma’s, Vapra, and Zithara.

The ANGELS, a group of successful entrepreneurs and investors, including Rohit Chennamaneni, Sridhar Gadhi, Renuka Bodla, Sudhakar Reddy, Dodla Deepa Reddy, Karan Bajaj, and Dr Sindhura Narayana, are eager to provide mentorship and funding, fostering the growth of promising ventures.

With its engaging content, high-stakes pitches, and powerful camaraderie among the ANGELS, Nenu Super Woman continues to dominate the reality TV landscape. This must-watch show offers a compelling platform for women entrepreneurs, showcasing their vision and challenges while inspiring viewers to chase their aspirations.

Scheduled to air on the 28th and 29th of July 2023 at 7 PM, the upcoming episodes promise to be a game-changer for budding businesswomen across the two Telugu States. Tune in to aha to witness the captivating second week of Nenu Super Woman, where entrepreneurship takes centre stage and receives the required support and funding.

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