Celebrating Conservation Efforts for Majestic Tigers through Culinary Excellence – Marking International Tiger Day

Celebrating Conservation Efforts for Majestic Tigers through Culinary Excellence – Marking International Tiger Day
Ranita Ray
As the world eagerly waits  International Tiger Day on July 29th, a leading hotel in Bengaluru, Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore, is gearing up to take part in the global celebration with a unique twist. Known for its excellence in hospitality for both business and leisure travellers, the hotel is set to introduce the Longest Kebab Platter at their Indian restaurant, Tiger Trail, as a fitting tribute to these majestic creatures.
International Tiger Day serves as an annual occasion for people worldwide to come together and show solidarity for the cause behind its celebration – the conservation of tigers. Across India, numerous events are lined up to raise awareness, and Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore is stepping up to make a meaningful contribution through a culinary extravaganza.On this special day, the hotel will showcase its commitment to preserving one of the planet’s most iconic and endangered species – the Tiger, by introducing the largest Kebab Platter. The innovative concept behind this gastronomic event reflects a thoughtful endeavor to protect and conserve these magnificent creatures and their natural habitats.

Under the guidance of Chef Altaf, a culinary genius, the grandest kebab platter will be expertly crafted, offering a diverse array of mouthwatering delicacies. Guests can indulge in a delectable feast featuring delights like Banno Kebab, Nawabi Kalmi Kebab, Galouti Kebab, Kakori Kebab, Achari Mahi Tikka, Murgh Makhamali Kebab, Tandoori Soya Kebab, Paneer Tiranga Tikka, and more. As the flavors tantalize the taste buds of epicureans, a commendable 10% of the revenue generated from the outlet will be contributed to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF India) to support their efforts in conserving the magnificent Tigers.By partaking in this unique food fest at Hotel Royal Orchid Bangalore, patrons will not only experience culinary excellence but also contribute to a noble cause – the conservation of the royal big cats. It presents an exceptional opportunity for all to express their commitment to protecting these majestic creatures and ensuring a sustainable future for them.

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