Telugu business reality show to give wings to women entrepreneurs to fly

Telugu business reality show to give wings to women entrepreneurs to fly
Aha Nenu Super Woman

Ranita Ray

If you are hailing from Andhra Pradesh or Telangana, the two Telugu-speaking states, are a woman either young or old, a rooky or an expert, and have some specialisation or skill, and have a business idea but do not know how to go about it?

Look no further and tune into Aha channel next Friday, July 21, for the special show that will guide you, step by step, as to how to turn an entrepreneur. Aha has lent its OTT platform for showcasing of women entrepreneurs in a brand new business show featuring working enterprises wanting to scale up.

Aired twice a week on Friday and Saturday, the business show named ‘Nenu Super Woman,’ promises to give aspiring women entrepreneurs a voice and also give them an audience. It is hoped that the interesting format of the business reality show will inspire countless from the audience to chart their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Now, Aha, the Telugu OTT platform, has come out with the show that will celebrate women company owners, and present their journeys in a fashion that will be both interesting and useful for the viewers. Aha’s business reality programme, ‘Nenu Super Woman,’ features many start-up enterprises in which over 1.35 crore has been invested. A panel of prominent entrepreneurs will mentor the women entrepreneurs who successfully sell their ideas to the panel.

Sreeram Chandra will host the show, Nenu Super Woman. On the panel of judges are Darwinbox co-founder Rohit Chennamaneni, Quantela Inc.’s Sridhar Gadhi, Silverneedle Ventures’ Renuka Bodla, Abhi Bus’s Sudhakar Reddy, Dodla Dairy’s Dodla Deepa Reddy, Bajaj Electronics’ Karan Bajaj, and Narayana Colleges’ Sindhura Ponguru.

“Nenu Super Woman is a game-changer for aspiring women entrepreneurs, providing them with a unique platform to showcase their business ideas and embark on a transformative journey,” stated Rohit Chennamaneni, Co-founder of Darwinbox. Being part of this inspiring programme and helping to further the success of women-run businesses is a tremendous privilege for himself, he said.
Karan Bajaj, CEO of Bajaj Electronics, said, “Nenu Super Woman is a phenomenal platform that will propel the entrepreneurial journeys of the women entrepreneurs by providing funding and mentorship from all of us angles.” “On the show, I’ll be able to coach young businesspeople and impart the wisdom I’ve gained over the years,” Bajaj added.”
Silverneedle Ventures’ Venture Partner Renuka Bodla shared her enthusiasm, adding, “I came from modest origins, and if a woman entrepreneur is standing confidently and showing her company prototype or presenting the concept, I feel happy. What I had been hoping for has finally arrived. Aha’s Nenu Super Woman program is a revolutionary effort to honour women business owners. I’m so excited to be a part of this life-changing experience and empower other ambitious women business owners to realize their visions.”
This is the start of a brand new era for the Telugu states. When women are given a stage like Nenu Super Woman, they can confidently display their many strengths as artists and businesswomen. Narayana Colleges Director Sindhura Ponguru said, “It’s a privilege to be associated with this show and to cheer on women entrepreneurs.”
Quantela Inc. Founder and Chairman Sridhar Gadhi said, “The programme is a tribute to women entrepreneurs’ great potential and inventiveness. I believe we are helping to create positive change in the start-up ecosystem by giving them the guidance and tools they need to succeed.”
Being an entrepreneur requires a great deal of bravery, guts, tenacity, and dedication, especially for women. The most motivating thing in my life is WeHub, a flagship program of the Telangana state government, and Aha’s Nenu Super Woman embodies the spirit of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. Deepthi Ravula, CEO of WeHub, believes the presentation will encourage and empower future female business leaders, leading to increased productivity and creativity. Vaasudev Koppineni, Aha’s Content Head, echoed this sentiment: “Aha is proud to be at the forefront of this movement, providing a platform for women to unleash their potential and pursue their dreams.”
A game-changer in the entrepreneurial industry, “Nenu Super Woman” boasts a compelling story, priceless mentoring, and life-altering prospects.

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